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"Anybody can get inspired, the secret to success is to stay inspired! " Tommy Fierst

The secret to success is not finding the inspirations, but holding onto the inspiration for as long at it takes to reach your dream. Which begs the question, what is your quest? What do you want to achieve?  Do you desire to be a millionaire, a scratch golfer, own the house on the hill, travel the world, become a CEO, or maybe have the body that would be the envy of all?


I remember when I earned 6,000 a year.  I didn’t understand that I could earn more. I had dreamed how wonderful it would be if I could earn 20,000 dollars a year. But I didn’t know how to go about achieving that dream until I learned about goal setting.

I have learned that whatever goal I set, if I make that goal my most dominant thought, I have put the odds on my side to make that goal come true. I don’t argue with how the brain works, I just let it work. I was reviewing my insurance agency numbers and came across a goal I had set for myself five years ago, it was the size I wanted my agency to be five years later. Guess what? The numbers matched. I had made that a dominant thought in my mind and it appeared.

Are you aware that you have the ability to make things materialize out of thin air? Don’t believe that statement? Have you ever achieved a goal? You did if you graduated from high school  For twelve years you thought about the day you would graduate. And then you graduated. If that isn’t creating something out of thin air, then I don’t know what else you would call it.

But we don’t just create what we want out of thoughts, we also create what we don’t want, and we do it by not being aware of our thoughts. Our reality is a product of our most dominant thought, and if you are putting in negative thoughts, or “I can’t” thoughts, or “not me” thoughts, then that is the reality that you will create for yourself. 


But what did I used to do? Even though I was told over and over to set goals, I never set them. I didn't write them down, I didn't have them to read and I didn't have pictures of what my life would look like.  I just didn’t think. I let into my mind whatever was on TV at that moment, or what was on the radio when I drove to my job, and I would hang around whoever was near and listen to what they had to say, and all the while I hadn’t set one goal. I was wishing for things to occur in my life, but wishing and goal setting are two totally different things.

Remember, you listen to 5,000 advertisements a day. How many are about your dream? Let’s change that right now.  Here then are the basics.

To create something out of nothing, there is a simple solution, you just need to do these 6 wonderous tasks...

1. Get a clear concise mental picture of what you desire

2. Write that goal down.

3. Find pictures of your dream and surround your self with thoughts of your goal

4. Set a deadline by when you want your goal

5. Repetition. Read your goals many times daily. Look at pictures of your goal as often as you can. Make your goal your most dominant thought and you will wake up one day finding your goal… Achieved.

6. Reward yourself. Train your brain to train you. No matter how small the goal, always reward yourself. We do it with dogs, and it works. Why not try it on ourselves? Our brain works the same way.

7. Success Library. Presidents have them, so should you. Motivate the motivator.

Success is that simple. I said simple, Success Friends, not easy. You must learn to make your goal the most dominant thought in your life, and repeat that thought over and over. You can do it. My website is filled with ways to help you achieve what you desire. Please look around and let me know your thoughts. Make sure you sign up for "lemon drops" and receive my free book "Tommy Fierst's Goal Setting For Success"