How long does it take to become successful? Ten years, twenty years, a lifetime? I have not had a drink of alcohol in over 28 years. Many would say I am a successfully recovered alcoholic. The truth is that I am one drink away from failing. I will know if I succeeded at the end of my life. My goal, by the way, is 70 years of sobriety.  I live with my alcoholism the way I live with my success, vigilantly on a daily basis. I take neither for granted and I understand that I have had some success in both areas, but I won’t know the final outcome until the day I die. Unless, that is, I stop being vigilante. Entropy is defined as the dispersal of energy in a process in our material world. In our context it means that we don’t wake up one day and decide to fail. We don’t make a plan to fail. Failure happens over time. Your hot pan cooling down, that is entropy, the loss of your excitement about building your business, your diet disintegrating in the form of chips, cookies and pop. You stop doing the small things that kept a marriage together. These are examples of entropy. We disperse our energy and we don’t replenish our gas tanks.  We loose energy, we become lazy. We quit being vigilant.  The problem we face is that failing creeps in on us like a cat in the dark. We don’t do some thing and we experience no immediate consequence. We continue this pattern and suddenly we realize we are far from where we want to be. Alcoholics do this all the time, we set ourselves up to fail. We miss a meeting, we survive, we hang out with some old friends, no harm here. We load ourselves up with triggers and then one day, we drink. Success works the exact same way. We know what we need to do, and we let some items slide and suddenly we are not hitting our numbers. Long term goals need to have monthly, weekly and daily goals. We need to inspect what we expect. Otherwise, we are just kidding ourselves. Success is easy as long as we do the things we need to do on a daily basis. And I said do the things we need to do, not the things we want to do. And one thing you need to do if you haven’t done it already is to sign up for lemon drops at Be Vigilant.