What A Success Does




Delivers us to our 


What ASuccess Does...

When you know the destination,

You know what you don’t know,

And what you need to learn 



What A Success Does...

Once the end is in sight,

The journey can begin.

What A Successes Does

If you want to get from 

Here to There,

You must know,

Where you want to go.

What A Successes Does


When what appears to be obstacles enter our path,

Our Focus is what keeps our eyes lifted towards our goal.

Without Focus, we allow our gaze to drop and see the obstacle.

Life can be difficult, 

What we choose to focus on is what meaning we bring to any challenge. 

What A Successes Does

Focus and turn water into steam and move a locomotive.

Or push light through a magnifying glass and start a fire.


Keep your Fire Burning Brighjt as you chase your dreams.

What A Success Does...

Keep the needle 



Lemmy crossing the finish line

What A Success Does...

Be as


as a Cheetah stalking it's prey.

What Successes Do

Allow your 

"Grand Obsession"

To guide you through today.