Keep Your Dream Alive

Detour ahead?

There are ways around it.

Lemmy by open doors

Keep Your Dream Alive

How is your day going to be?

Good News,


Get to Decide!

Keep Your Dream Alive!

Keep Truckin'

After the rain,

Something good will come.

Lemmy bearing a torch

keep Your Dream Alive!

Allow your desire

to enliven your fire!

Swinging a bat

Keep Your Dream Alive!


Luck plays a part in success.


You have to be in the game for it to matter. 

Lemmy crossing the finish line

Keep Your Dream Alive!

Keep trying,

Today may be the day.


Keep Your Dream Alive!



Life getting to you?

Bring your thoughts back to today.

Today is all that we have. The rest is dreams and memories. 

Today is the clay of your future.

Work your clay, mold your clay. 

Get lost in today.

Keep Your Dream Alive!

Spend more time looking at whats in front of you,


whats behind you.

Keep Your Dream Alive!

One Step, in Front of the Other...

Day after Day.

Staying Focused


One Step in Front of the Other,

Day after Day.

That is how you succeed. 


Success is a Journey

Practice Safe Success!

conference table

Keep Your Dream Alive!

Always change a losing plan.


Change a Winning Plan.

OH, and make sure you have a plan.


Please practice safe success!