Here is where it all starts. Your "Grand Obsession".


1. My Grand Obsession is - Write your "Grand Obsession" in the top box. 

2. Enter Statement - Your statement is your plan of how you will achieve your "Grand Obsession". You may just have an outline, and that is fine. Our grand obsession is like a quilt, built over time. 

3. Reminder - Put in the time of day you would like to be reminded of your "Grand Obsession"

4. Next - Brings you to different time options, You can remind yourslef daily, weekly, monthy... how ever often you want to be reminded. You can even customize the numbrer of times you want to be reminded. Choose monthly from the custom bar and you can choose which days of the month you want to be reminded

5. When you have completed your set up you are brought to building your "DreamStream". This is your success library, a place to put motivational songs, and sayings that will motivate you. Just choose a block and start inputting. See the other icons to get specific instructions.

 A "Grand Obsession" is that far off dream you have. You may search for financial independence, or a medical degree to save the health of the world, or you dream of your own restaurant built the correct way- Your way!. What your "Grand Obsession" is, you write it here. There is not an end date, although you may achieve your "Grand Obsession" only to replace it with something Grander. But put in your reminder here and I suggest you don't need to remind yourself about your "Grand Obsession" every day, Maybe to begin just once a month. Your specific goals are what will need the daily reminders.