Thought Thieves Thoughts are things, but whose thoughts are they?   I am all about success. I talk about success, I read success, blog success, tweet success, video success, I love success. But there is a reason for my obsession. I have learned that you become what you think about. I want to be succesful! We become the product of your most dominant thoughts. Notice the word thought is pluralized. You just can’t think it once, you need to think the thought over and over and over, until your thought is a “Grand Obsession”. It sounds so easy.    But then you wake up in the morning. And from that point on you are faced with the thought thieves. The radio, the TV, your spouse, your kids, your problems, your bills, your clients, your co-workers. You get the idea. Tor Neanderald in The User Illusion tells us that we receive over eleven thousand bits of information a second, with a bit being equal to the answer to a yes or no question. He further explains that we allow into our awareness only forty bits per second. I don’t think it should be only, because those forty bits of information shape our existence, form our reality.  The question then becomes, what are you allowing into your mind? What is shaping your reality? You get on the road to success when you realize that you have a choice as to what you permit into your thinking.  Do you let the TV ramble, or do you read a blog from gps4success? Do you let a significant person in your life complain, or do you choose to not accept that and meet with a mastermind group to plan your success? Do you worry about the weekend weather or do you take a few minutes and dream about how wonderful it will feel to reach your destination? Do you worry about how to pay your bills or how to hit your goals? I don’t want to be Pollyanna here, however, what good does it do to worry about paying a bill I don’t have the money to pay, when I can just as well use my brain to think of a way to earn more money, use my brain to find ways to reach my goal faster, that will then allow me to pay my bills?   Thought control then, is You, choosing what You think about. Thought control is what changes a mere wish into a burning desire. Thought control allows you to get up, when you get down, or better yet, stops you from you getting down. Here are a few suggestions... 1. Turn off the tv, the talk radio, the e-news. Especially in the morning and before you go to sleep. Start your day and end your day dwelling on your “Grand Obsession”. 2. Know you can say no. No to the thought thieves, no to the time bandits. Yes to success! 3. Have a plan! Know when it is time to work, time to dream, time to relax.  4. Work your plan. When you get distracted, pull out your Goal sheet. Get yourself back on track.  5. Understand that you have the ability to think what you want to think, believe what you want to believe. Chase what dream you want to chase. Realize, success is about what you want from life.      Remember, the thought thieves want to own a place in our brain. The networks want us to be addicted to bad news, bad weather. The reality shows want us to be addicted to drama. Sport leagues want us to be addicted to adrenalin, and gps4success want us to be addicted to success. Take your pick.