Hundreds, more like thousands of books that will tell you how to succeed are available for your learning pleasure and they are only a click away. Seminars, expos, life coaches, CD’s, tapes, mp3’s, YouTube, Vimeo, to name a few, will provide you with the “Secret” to success, all for a nominal fee. The question you must ask though is “Who’s getting successful here?”


Understand, this question is coming from a person who has spent thousands of dollars on the above. And, yes, some good did come out of my investments, but the “Secret to Success” was not always present. Sure, tips to perform my job better, or how to communicate more effectively, or how to win friends or get to Yes were explained. But these are not the key to success. I think that of all the books I have read, all the CD’s I have listened to, or of all the seminars I have attended only a small percentage explain the true “secret of success”. And I am not sure that the purveyor of the information was even aware of what they were saying.

What is amazing is that this answer to success is all around us. Here is my first example for you. Find out why Michael Jackson is known as the “King of Pop”. Discover how he acquired this moniker and you learn the secret of success. Fascinating and simple.

And how about another intriguing morsel, this “secret” works in almost every single endeavor. Although in Charlie Lagarde’s success, the “Secret” did not play a part. Understanding what She did to achieve success helps you understand just what is the secret. At the end of each of the AA meetings I attend, the secret is mentioned. We share a prayer as we hold hands peering at our shoes. We close our meeting by stating to the group and to no one in particular three words. Many of us alcoholics do not realize that the statement has much more power than just keeping us sober. But, find out what those three words are and you find the secret to success. Yes, the secret is with us all of our lives. Question, what does reading, writing and arithmetic have in common? Answer, we use the secret to master each of these subjects. We Never seem to realize what we are doing, what we are utilizing. Unfortunately, most of us don’t ever figure out the power that we possess.

A clear mental idea of where we want to go, a goal, what we want to achieve, is an important part of success. But when you realize that you have 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day, the realization sets in that a clear thought is a challenge to pluck out of this enormous volume. When you do decide on one thought that can transform your life, at that moment, the secret becomes critical to your success. Know that your one idea is now in direct competition with your other 40,000 thoughts. And if you turn on media, now you have other peoples thoughts being thrown at you with compelling emotion, music and video. How does your dream compete? Thankfully we have this one tool that over-rides all of this other “STUFF”.  And, we have this one tool that over-rides our new “STUFF” too.

Let’s talk about that. I have written before about how our brains love patterns. Patterns make it easy for our bodies to do their job. We get up pretty much the same time every day and go to bed about the same time each night. We go to work, we watch the same TV shows on a regular basis. In fact, the majority of Americans only eat 30 different varieties of food. And we can blame it on our brain. Let me ask you another question? How many ways do you have to drive to and from work? How many different routes do you take? The list is endless, what radio stations or tv stations do you listen to? What is your morning routine? Our brain understands the secret so well that it uses the secret to get us into a very safe place. We work and earn just enough to survive, to even enjoy a good life. We have enough food, a nice house, a car we rationalize that we like. We vacation every now and then and we save for retirement. Our brain, us, we have put together this life using the secret. And now we are stuck. It is a catch 22 of epic proportions. Understanding what is going on here, in your life, is the only chance you have of changing something in your life.  Life goes on, and every now and then, something makes us stop and wonder. Maybe we read an article about a nobody that now has 12 million social media followers. And we wonder, what do they have that I don’t? And if we use that moment as a moment to draw a line in the sand, we have a chance, a chance to change.  If we don’t, well, we are left with the alternative. Understand, nicotine isn’t the problem with stopping smoking cigarettes, the habit honed from years of doing the same thing is the problem. I know, I stopped smoking and I stopped drinking alcohol. The habit was the force to be reckoned with,  the booze and the butts were easy to put down. Nicotine and alcohol know and use the secret against us and for them.

Let me take things a bit deeper. You carry inside of your skull a biological mechanism that tries continuously to predict the future, doing so by relying on the past. We have heard the expression that we are today the sum total of our yesterdays. And it turns out that our actions are a result of our brains predicting what we should do based on past experience. We embody all of our past predictions that worked and didn’t work. However, there is one more thing going on in our mind, and it is an error loop. Have you ever gone up or down a set of stairs and think you have one more step to take while you unknowingly are on level ground? You may or may not actually fall, but for sure it is a very awkward step. Your mind learns from that moment. The next time you are on stairs, your visions goes to how many steps there are and I am certain you did not miss the last step for a long while. Instead you navigate the steps with ease. Your brain doesn’t give up on you. Your brain learns. And it has learned using the secret from above to provide you with the current life you have. And if you choose change, you can improve your life, in what ever fashion you choose. More money? You can earn it. Better health? Absolutely! Meaningful work? That is available to you too. As long as you realize that you must use the secret to successfully make the change. 

Just knowing the secret is not enough. You must use the knowledge of what you discover. Without realizing what you are doing, by our very nature we limit our view. We limit what we can achieve. We may say we have a 5 year plan, but the reality is, we don’t. We may want to “get in shape”, but why? Why do we do anything? Unfortunately, many times it is so we don’t examine our life, our failings, our strengths. We get busy so that we don’t have to take the time to choose our life. I don’t mean to be harsh here, but the fact is, it is easier to go on face book or instagram and write a nice post about how awesome we are, than it is to be awesome with out any one noticing. People tell me their plans to achieve certain things, but their actions tell a different story. We are human, we need reasons to live, too many times we sacrifice tomorrow for short term pleasure today. Creating chaos is a way of choosing not to create our life. 

Using the secret is a way to create your life. I like to call it My Life, My Way. Notice I am not saying, My life, my bosses way, or my spouses way, or the advertisers way? You have the ability to craft your life. Find your idea, and then utilize the gift you have been given. 

And then get ready to work for the next 20 or 30 years to achieve your dream. And every day you must… “Get Inspired! And stay Inspired!

My hope is that you now understand the secret I speak of, but if not keep looking. I promise it is in this blog. Don’t see it? Reach out to me