We are born screaming for air. We die gasping for breath. And along this fine journey we are surprised by the many airs that are let out of our sails.     I know not why we are surprised when what we percieve as trouble comes calling at our door, for every step of our life is fraught with risk. As a child learning to walk, to a youth learning to ride a bycycle, to a young adult learning to drive a car, to a grown up trying to navigate a relationship, we experience challenge and change. Funny, but as a youth we thrive on change, we excite about the thrill of speed, we don't worry about the possibilites of pain. But as we age our fear of loss frightens us so, that we question each new risk presented to us. We get a hold of this idea that we can mangage risk, but at what cost?    We forget or never realize that with that first painful breath we are graced with free will. As we travel through the different stages of our life, we scream, we fight, we try to hold on to the familiar, but adversity is just birthing us to a new possibility. Unfortunately, at times we are still born to the new of what life presents us. We fight so hard to keep our status quo, that we stop our growth. We limit our opportunities.    Adversity is just life telling us that we must change. When we get a cold, we slow down, we rest. We look for comfort. The adversity of the illness forced us to take some needed time for ourselves. The adversity can teach us that we need to slow down every now and then and take a retreat into oursleves. Will we learn the lesson presented to us?  In our business dealings we come upon a challenge which we can permit to knock us down, or teach us and inspire us to grow, to learn.     Yes, some risk is too adverse to take, too much of a chance. But, never forget how fleeting life is, how small we are, yet how meaningful our lives can be. The poem "if", by Rudyard Kipling speaks to the adversities we find in life. We all share many of the same challenges, but our success is defined not by lack of adversity, but by how we handle the adversity that is delivered upon our doorstep.    Here are a couple ideas of how to find the seed of equivalent benefit from your adversity... 1. Ensure that you have a "Grand Obsession". You need a reason to move forward.  2. Immediatly look for the good in the negative that is happening to you. 3. Believe that there  is a solution to your problem and that you have the ability to find te solution.  4. Grab a pen and paper and start writing your ideas down. 5. Start acting on the best ideas now. Don't wait, do it now.   Shout from the rooftops about your life experiences. Be vocal about your adversities, Rage everyday against the challenges you are presented. We are given just one life. We must live it every day, our way.