I can almost hear them laughing. Who? Our motivational gurus, that’s who. They tell us that all we have to do is think about what we want, and we will receive it. And of course we believe them because, they became successful. But let’s stop and look for a moment, I am going to name a few... Napoleon Hill Anthony Robbins Oprah Winfrey Rhonda Byrnes Joe Vitale They preached the law of attraction, but when you look at their work life, it is one of a workaholic.  So my question is , which is it, law of attraction or workaholic.  It seems the workaholic part is always left out, and I think, from my own experience, that is the most important ingredient.  Yes, if you are at the right window at the right time and buy the right lottery ticket, you can become wealthy overnight. And yes, it is easier to sell a home in an up market than during a down market. But, if you don’t take the time to learn to sell, it won’t matter what market is happening any way.  So, if you have already achieved success, or were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or have won the lottery, my thoughts won’t matter to you. However, if you are like me, born on the wrong side of the tracks  with a rusty spoon in your mouth in a family that doesn’t understand success and is ok being average and ordinary and you want greatness in your life. And maybe the “law of attraction” isn’t delivering as promised, but  you would like to transform your life, then we need to have a serious discussion about what is truly holding you back. And step one, throw out the law of attraction. But hey, if the “law of attraction" does work as we are told, great, then this will only speed things along. I am not waiting for divinity to give me an answer, I am putting on my shoes and I am going to work and I reccomend that you do the same thing. I believe that the law of attraction is you, surrounding yourself with people of like mind and mood, and going to work. I don’t believe the law of attraction is a genie in a bottle and you just need to rub the lamp. I believe the law of attraction is Gene, going to work. A "Grand Obsession" on the other hand, now that can do you wonders.  Having a "Grand Obsession" can get you out of bed  when you would rather hide under the covers, it will move you past the large number of no's you need to go through. A "Grand Obsession" stops you from eating the cake in front of you because you are seeing the you without that cake. A "Grand Obsesion" allows you do things that some people call crazy. But a "Grand Obsession" and not the law of attraction (if there is even such a law), will help you achieve the success you deserve.. A "Grand Obsession" let's you know it is worthwhile to get up and do what needs to be done, talk to whom you need to talk to, go where you need to go, eat what you should eat, exercise when you shoud exercise. And when you know your dream will come true, there is no stopping you. Go ahead, believe in yourself,  change habits, change thinking, change! Don't let another day go by without having a Grand Obsession to chase. GO! Get Inspired! Stay Inspired!