I have lost some very good friends to alcohol and drugs. They leave us too early and they leave us empty. I too was on that road, but I was lucky, I wrecked my friends car and wasn’t hurt, but it was at that moment when I realized I just could not drink any more.  A funny thing happens when you stop drinking, you 

find out that all of the problems you were juggling to keep your life in balance come crashing down on you and even though you thought you had it bad, before it gets better, life gets worse. You now have to answer for all of the ills you caused yourself and other people. Life can get so tough in the first years of sobriety that many of us go back to using because  the pain of regret and the shame are just too much to bear. But if you want to stop using, you had better have a reason to not touch the stuff.

I call that reason a “Grand Obsession”, or a GO! I needed a GO to go towards when there was no where else to go. We find it in different places, some find it in exercise, others in work, many find it in service to AA. I first found my GO! in my children. I believed if I didn’t drink again I would be able to have a relationship with them throughout my life. So far so good.

What I have discovered though is that you don’t need to be in recovery to utilize the power of GO! In fact, if you are just an average person with an above average drive, chasing a goal, changing the world, then a “GO!”  is another powerful tool in your success tool belt. If you are just starting out, a “GO!” will give you fuel and energy and keep you going when you just want to quit. A “GO” will help you get up when you are down, but it will be a turbo charge boost when you are up and running in the fast lane. A “GO!” makes life worth living.

Success friend, what is your “GO”? Hopefully you are chasing something you may not catch. The power is to tie today into the big picture. It has been said that the secret of a good life is to contract a terminal disease and take very good care of it, every day. Having a “GO” makes today important. We are told that we are the sum of our yesterdays. Who and where will you be in a couple of more years? You will be right on the right road if you take very good care of today.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the key that is looking at the short term to reach the long term. Our brain’s focus is good for about 90 days and then we need to shake it up a bit. The secret then is to live each day, accomplishing what needs to be done that day to reach your goal, not your long term goal, your 13 week goal. Today should tie into the 90 days, and the 90 days will tie into your “GO”

GO! Get Inspired! Stay Inspired!