There are no lazy people only uninspired ones.


Focus fans the  flames of inspiration. Maybe we aren’t  uninspired, maybe we are over-whelmed, over-whelmed by the volumes of tasks at hand. I will get to it is a common mantra. The question is, when? When will this task become so important that I will move. Will it be when someone is upset about the issue not being resolved and is scolding me? Or will a specific task get accomplished because I choose?

Focus is choice.


The buzzword of the day is mindfulness. Focus is mindfulness with a choice. Instead of being aware of everything, which is the problem that mindfulness presents us with, we choose what we need to be aware of and as a successful person, we focus on the task at hand. We may multi-task, but it is because we need to. A batter at the plate focus’ first on the pitcher, and then moves his focus to the ball as the white peeks out from the glove, and the red stitches appear, and begins to leave the pitchers hand, he also, starts shifting his weight, swinging the bat, preparing himself to run, all while focusing on the ball. 

We can't be mindfull of everything, but we can focus on anything!


Success is challenging. Look at the amazing amount of distraction available to us: sports hobbies, family, the news, TV, talk radio, the list goes on and on. Understand, not any of these distractions are a problem if  they are managed. Without focus, they manage us. And many times we are not aware of what is happening, we just run out of time. Running out of time, is a distraction on it’s own. 


But allow us to focus on the solution.


How does a person focus? Here are 3 steps.


1. Have a Grand Obsession! Having a reason to turn the chaos off is mandatory. 


2. DreamStream! Inspire yourself with your dream on a continuous basis. Read, look at, dream, imagine, taste, see. Do whatevery you can to keep your dream alive. 


3. Turn off the Tv, the talk radio, the news, the problems. Focus on the solution.


4. Move. Take action, choose to get off the couch and into your Grand Obsession.


And when the lines get blurred, stop and Focus!