Energized Synergy!


Energized Synergy

Synergy! The word screams excitement don’t you agree? But just what is Energized Synergy?A combination of two ingredients that when combined in harmony produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. You see, one plus one equals three or even more.

I worked under a coach that always told me “When you get it figured out, start over, and this time ask for help”. Asking for help is not weakness. Asking for help is strength, excitement, Synergy. Asking for help or cooperating with someone asking you for help is the roller coaster of success. You have fun working together to get the cars up the hill, and then, all fun going down. 

And asking for help is is just understanding that I may have a brand new pair of roller skates, but, you have a brand new key. People have the answers you seek. Successful people love to help others, they know that if they help you succeed, you will be helping them succeed as well. Synergy! 

And it is oh so simple. You have ideas, but not all of the answers. Another has ideas that can help you, and third has more ideas. Before you know it, you are creating success out of one small idea. You were alone, and now each person multiplies the power of one idea. 

And Synergy works with any idea. Do you want to loose weight? Get help from as many people as you can. Want to stop drinking? AA helps millions because it helps each person. The emotions and ideas present during an AA meeting are phenomenal. Or, are you seeking a fortune? Your idea can be the new mousetrap, but without others, it will sit in your garage collecting dust. 

Energized Synergy is excitement. It is the master-mind in action. Energized Synergy is the blood sweat and tears of an idea, an idea that won’t be stopped when others are working in harmony with you. 

Give and you shall receive.


Give energy and get synergy.