Be obsessed with your "Grand Obsession"

Yes a “Grand Obsession” starts with a decision, and only grows from there. Steve Jobs started out with the idea of getting a computer into the hands of everyday people. He succeeded beyond his wildest imagination.  Ray Kroc wanted to build the largest chain of hamburger stands across America He did ok. Walt Disney first came to Hollywood with a dream to be a director. His life turned out a bit different.  The list goes on and on, you know that.


I know you know this. But sometimes we need to be reminded. So here is your reminder.  A friend was at the dry cleaners, ear phones in, checking his phone for emails and he came across a small talk post. Becoming self aware he immediately put the phone down and struck up a conversation with the clerk. He said they spoke about the complex computer system needed for a dry cleaning shop. That was it. He said good bye and went his merry way. But that wasn’t it, when he came back he was greeted by his first name from the smiling clerk he had shared small talk.

Be a Boy Scout!

When we talk about success, emulating a boy scout just isn’t a bad idea. Let’s break it down.  The cleanliness of theory is no match for the mess of reality. Thus, be prepared. We start our days with such high hopes and plans and then the phone rings with our first problem of the day. I feel that being prepared means being mentally tough to be able to handle what ever life throws at you. Some events that occur come many times without any notice, and our best laid plans sometimes do go askew.. But if we are mentally tough, we are able to overcome the adversity in our path.

Luck, talent or hard work? How do I succeed? How do I achieve my goals.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of twitter, tweeted " Success is never accidental”.  Malcolm Gladwell writes that “success follows from 10,000 hours of dedicated practice" Ask any lottery winner what”s the secret to success and they will assure you that it is “Being at the right place at the right time" I believe we plan like as though there are no accidents, work like it all depends on me, and pray that we are at the right place at the right time, and then? Just go with the mix.  The Hawaiian word for home is hana.