A "Secret" to Success... 10 Knows...

  Knows will get you to say yes to your success. Pray like it all depends on my higher power, Work like it all depends on me. The “Secret”? Thinking about it, doesn’t get the job done.  Individual Initiative is as important as a defined obsession to your success. One is the thoughts, the other is the action. Initiative is defined by Dictionary.com as “the first step or action of a matter, the commencing move. Individual initiative is a key success principle. But too many times it gets forgotten about because of the so called “law of attraction”.


If it’s to be, it’s up to me.  In other words, we don’t have to feel miserable. Our life doesn’t have to suck. The world need not be gray. Opportunities do exist. Life can get better. The truth is that if we choose, we win. It is that simple. We must decide what our grand obsession is. We must choose who is on this journey with us. We must decide to get up every day and put our game face on and go out and tackle the world even when we feel we have no chance of winning.

A Drive To Thrive!

Success! Many things to many people. To some a destination, others, a lifestyle. Still for others a puzzle. But what ever success is for you, success is a drive, a drive to thrive. I don’t believe you can turn on this “Drive to Thrive” like a car or a computer.  Something sparks inside our imagination and an ember begins to glow and before you know it a fire of desire is burning and we are off to the races. We may be tired of looking at our belly and decide to do something about our weight.