Be obsessed with your "Grand Obsession"

Yes a “Grand Obsession” starts with a decision, and only grows from there. Steve Jobs started out with the idea of getting a computer into the hands of everyday people. He succeeded beyond his wildest imagination.  Ray Kroc wanted to build the largest chain of hamburger stands across America He did ok. Walt Disney first came to Hollywood with a dream to be a director. His life turned out a bit different.  The list goes on and on, you know that.

The Wonder that brings the Thunder!

First put together your “Grand Obsession”  Next, find the Wonder that brings the Thunder.   I remember, as a young boy, driving past the “rich” part of town. In my memory the houses we drove by were mansions. I was in a state of awe. How could one family live in such a big house, I wondered. As I grew older, I not only wondered about how they could afford such an extravagant home, but I also began to wonder how could they afford to furnish such a large home.