Prioritize your Priorities, Please!

And your first priority is to have your “Grand Obsession” clarified in your mind. On this point there is no gray area. Whatever your success quest is, wether it be to loose 10 pounds, run a marathon, find your true love, acquire a million dollars, success requires that you have a clear concise mental picture of what your “Grand Obsession” is.  Priority number two then is to ensure that your “Grand Obsession” has a bonfire of desire stoking the caldron. If your are not excited, you will not be delighted with the end result.

Let This Time, be the Last Time you say "This Time..."

This Time! A clarion call, the time is now. Strike while the iron is hot. No better time than the present. This time I will do it.  But what do we do? We pick up another book to figure out what or how or even why we should do "it". And slowly but surely "This Time" becomes a last time, as in "last time" I tried that, it didn't work. And the malaise continues. We negatively and maybe subconsciously self talk about how we just can't do it. Or, there must be a right way to do it that we can't figure out.

Luck, talent or hard work? How do I succeed? How do I achieve my goals.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of twitter, tweeted " Success is never accidental”.  Malcolm Gladwell writes that “success follows from 10,000 hours of dedicated practice" Ask any lottery winner what”s the secret to success and they will assure you that it is “Being at the right place at the right time" I believe we plan like as though there are no accidents, work like it all depends on me, and pray that we are at the right place at the right time, and then? Just go with the mix.  The Hawaiian word for home is hana.