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Tough times are upon us. Everyone I talk to is freaked out and upset about what they can’t do anymore. I can’t go out to eat, or meet with my friends. I can’t play baseball or go watch baseball. I can’t get my hair cut, or my nails done and forget about a massage.

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“The mind is like a parachute… It only works if we keep it open.” Albert Einstein.


First a question, what needs to change to allow you to change?

I first heard the above quote around 1985 and I didn’t understand the meaning. About 10 years later

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I can almost hear them laughing. Who? Our motivational gurus, that’s who. They tell us that all we have to do is think about what we want, and we will receive it. And of course we believe them because, they became successful. But let’s stop and look for a moment, I am going to name a few...

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Success is so simple. Wouldn’t you agree? Simple? Yes. Easy? Maybe not.

What is your goal? Have a bunch of money? Lose some weight? Pay off your bills?...

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Hundreds, more like thousands of books that will tell you how to succeed are available for your learning pleasure and they are only a click away. Seminars, expos, life coaches, CD’s, tapes, mp3’s, YouTube, Vimeo, to name a few, will provide you with the “Secret” to success, all for a nominal fee. The question you must ask though is “Who’s getting successful here?”

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A “Grand Obsession” is not a goal. Although goals help one to achieve a “Grand Obsession”.

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Are you stuck?

Have you been on that habitual diet for the past umpteen years but still carry an extra 30 pounds? Are you a smoker that has been trying to quit cigarettes to no avail? Maybe you still have debt after years of paying on your credit cards, or, have you tried to p

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The sun rises in the east. Wrong! The sun sets in the west.Wrong! How quickly we forget that it is we, the earth that is orbiting the sun. And think, this sun rising and setting is ubiquitous to the world. We are all in on this con. But it is not a con, it is just our perception. And yet we are surprised when a group of people follow

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 “Do the thing you fear, and death of fear is certain” Ralph Waldo Emerson.