How to Succeed

Ask any 65 year old over-night success.

They will tell you it was worth every day of the 40 year journey.




What are you doing withing

While you are doing with out?



How to Succeed

Why wait until tomorrow to write down your goals?

Do it now!


Lemy Singing

How to Succeed

Start where You Stand!




What you did yesterday, what you may do tommorw, are nothing compared with what you can do today. And today is a great place to start chasing your dreams. 

Go For It!


What Successes do

Dreams do come true!

But you have to remember to 



How to succeed

Keep you eyes open!



Who knows what you will run into today. Opportunity may be right in your line of sight.

How to Succeed

Understand how your Brain works.

Always think in positive frames,

If I tell you Not to think of a cow,

All you can do is think of a cow. 

If I tell myself not to drink, or eat or smoke,

Geuss what I am thinking about.

This is the reason why getting out of debt is an unproductive goal.

Understand how your brain works. 

how to Succeed


Life is short.




Success Friends, it is true, life moves so fast. Just yesterday I was but 18 with a dream, and now? Well, my yesterday's far out number my tomorrows. What do YOU want from life? Make sure you do something today to reach towards that want. Do something no matter how small it may seem. Waiting is the enemy, putting off until things change is a losers plan. Chase your dream today. 


Lemy Singing

How to Succeed

We generally find what we are looking for.

Are you looking for solutions





Our brain is so magnificent! Our brain can truly provide for us what we desire. You can move mountains or get stuck in mud. You can build bridges or settle for what you have. You can do, and be, so much. We only have one life, choose to make it meaningful. Look for the solutios, you will find them.

The Thinker

How to Succeed

Heal your

Stinkin' Thinkin'



Words like, I can't, I quit, I give up are stinkin thinkin, but so is could of, would of or should of. Learn from the past but focus on the future. 

No Regrets!

What Successes do

Successes know,

You must take step one,


You'll never take step two.


I wanted to become a recovering alcoholic, to do so meant I needed to take step one, Admit I was powerless over alcohol. Not until I took that first step could I get to the second step. Not until I decided on a clear concise mental picture of what I desired could I begin my success journey. If I didn't have a clear picture of where I wanted to go, how could I get there?