First put together your “Grand Obsession”  Next, find the Wonder that brings the Thunder.   I remember, as a young boy, driving past the “rich” part of town. In my memory the houses we drove by were mansions. I was in a state of awe. How could one family live in such a big house, I wondered. As I grew older, I not only wondered about how they could afford such an extravagant home, but I also began to wonder how could they afford to furnish such a large home. As I got out of high school and was working small job, odds and ends type work I began to wonder if there was a way for me to own a home. What would it take? What would I need to do? Mere wishes, but they left a smoldering ash or two in my dream locker. And every now and then I would wonder about those homes and think, "man, I wonder what it would be like to have that kind of life?".  And one day I ran into a guy that asked me if I would be interested in earning more in a month than I earned in a year? I jumped at the chance," heck yes" I said, "who wouldn’t?” And even though that opportunity wasn’t what it was painted to be, I was given a few more bits of kindling for my desire. The desire warmed.  As my desire for success was growing, my frustrations with my unskilled labor jobs was also growing. Becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired kept my eye open for chance to shine her light on me. And what I have found out about chance, about opportunity is that many times it comes quietly on cat like paws, disguised as hard work. I may have missed other opportunities, but I did see my opportunity, although it did take some time for me to realize what I had stumbled upon.  Earl Nightingale played a large part in my life in regards to what little success I have experienced. He taught that a man should take out pen and paper and write down his wonderings on a daily basis. Can you feel my desire getting warmer. I pursued this activity, sometimes when I should have been working my dull job. Dreaming, wondering was more fun. And as I wondered about what I could accomplish in life my desire grew, my belief in what I could achieve grew and as time went on my bank book grew, even though there were bumps in the road. My quest started when I saw those mansions as a child, and it has lasted almost a half a century. I hope the ride continues for a while longer.  My wonderings started so many years ago, I am so glad I didn’t stop wondering. That dreaming, that questioning, that wonder is what has brought the thunder in my life.  I hope you allow it to happen in your life.