Yes a “Grand Obsession” starts with a decision, and only grows from there. Steve Jobs started out with the idea of getting a computer into the hands of everyday people. He succeeded beyond his wildest imagination.  Ray Kroc wanted to build the largest chain of hamburger stands across America He did ok. Walt Disney first came to Hollywood with a dream to be a director. His life turned out a bit different.  The list goes on and on, you know that. The point though is that successful people have a dream, a “Grand Obsession” The thing that gets them out of bed in the morning, allows them to take risks, and keeps them up late at night. And of all the success secrets talked about, a “Grand Obsession" is the most important, and maybe the only true principle of success.  And the fascinating thing about success is that you can be broke today, and that doesn’t matter. You could be without a job, a hope or even a prayer, and tomorrow you may see the sun that brings the light and shines on the opportunity that starts you on your journey. And what is also exciting about having a “Grand Obsession” is that you can have no idea of what you want to do, but decide on something, make it your “Grand Obsession” and it can become that for you.  You see a “Grand Obsession” can be learned. You don’t have to be magically transported to some great idea? Doing what ever you are doing today can become your “Grand Obsession”, even if it is scrubbing toilets.What you need is to understand how a “Grand Obsession” works and learn to allow it to work for you. The other choice is to continue working for someone else’s “Grand Obsession" And that brings up the other thing about a “Grand Obsession”, it is not a passing fancy. A“Grand Obsession” is a life long love affair of what ever you choose. You don’t loose 50 pounds with the idea that you will just put it back on. In fact, those that become obsessed with staying fit, keep it off. Gets what happens to those that go back to the old ways?  A“Grand Obsession” is not about what you do, but about why you do it. It is not about chasing money, however, money will follow. It is not about get rich quick. But you may get rich. It is about choosing what you want to do with your life, taking a chance, and doing it.  So a “Grand Obsession” starts with an idea, it grows with a plan, and it blooms as a life as you become totally immersed with your idea. It is that simple and that complicated. Keep reading my blogs and I promise to give you the tools you need for success. My “Grand Obsession” is your  your success.  Check out and sign up for our daily lemon drops. A little inspiration that melts in your mind.